Getting Started - Planning a Third Party Event for Wellspring

Brainstorm: get creative with your fundraising. Come up with a new idea, or borrow from an old one.

Choose an event:  the possibilities are endless!  Plan to host a bake sale, golf tournament, luncheon or fashion show.  Pick something you are passionate about and think about ways you can use your enthusiasm to benefit Wellspring.

Get in touch with Wellspringfill out the third-party event form or call Wellspring at 416-961-1928.

Put together a committee: planning an event can be hard work and is much easier with help. Gather together a few of your friends and family to help you make it a success.

Set a date & book a venue: carefully choosing the date and location will increase the success of your event. Be sure to keep holidays and competing events in mind as well as transportation and parking issues. Be sure to book as soon as you can in order to get the date and the venue you want.

Set a budget: take a moment and list all potential costs before you spend the money. This will help give you a more accurate gauge of what you can and cannot do. You will need to subtract your expenses before submitting the net proceeds of your event to Wellspring. Remember: the lower your expenses, the more funds will go towards cancer support programs.

Narrow down your target audience: invite people who have a connection to you, or to Wellspring directly. Then keep them in mind when creating all promotional materials and the general feel of the event.  Make sure to let people know why you are supporting Wellspring. 

Plan ahead! : the earlier you begin, the more time you will have to trouble shoot. Create a "critical path" or "to do" list leading up to and on the event day. And make sure that your name isn't the only one in the "to do" section!

Secure volunteers: Wellspring cannot guarantee volunteer help at your event, so be sure that you have enough support from friends, family and community members for the big day.  If you need Wellspring to help with volunteer recruitment, please let Wellspring know no later than one month before the event. 

Find corporate sponsors (if applicable): securing a corporate sponsor is a fantastic way to offset costs for your event. Ask your local grocer to donate a few platters of food, for example or approach companies to help pay for the venue, food or other expenses.

Sell tickets early: ease event headaches by selling tickets well in advance. Most caterers will also need to know the number of people in advance so that they can prepare accordingly.

Spread the word: media, promotional materials and word of mouth are great ways to get people interested in your event and create awareness for Wellspring.

Thank everyone! Once your event is complete, make sure to thank everyone involved from the volunteers, to the guests, to the sponsors. You may want to invite them to support you again next year!

Did You Know...

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