Elaine Rae

"Wellspring is addictive! I'll keep volunteering for as long as I can"

Elaine first became involved with Wellspring in 1993 when asked by a friend to become a volunteer.  Elaine good-naturedly agreed and found herself quickly drawn in to Wellspring’s unique atmosphere and caring community. 

Now, 15 years later, she is being recognized for her longstanding contribution to Wellspring.

Elaine has served in a number of volunteer capacities in her 15 years at Wellspring: front desk, outreach, fundraising, and anything else that might come up where Wellspring needs a competent helping hand.  And to everything she does for Wellspring, she brings a wonderful aura of grace and charm.

Elaine loves people and her connection with everyone who comes through the door at Wellspring is completely genuine and spontaneously warm and engaging.  She has been a wonderful ambassador for Wellspring on the many occasions when she has taken the Wellspring display to public forums and is always ready with a warm smile and a kind word. 

Wellspring is most grateful for all that Elaine has given Wellspring over 15 years.  Her welcoming nature and compassion resonate through the walls of Wellspring.

Did You Know...

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