Drumming is an expressive technique that uses percussion and rhythm exercises to express emotions, manage stress and improve a sense of emotional and physical well-being. No prior drumming experience is necessary.

What members have said about the Drumming program at Wellspring... 

“This was one of the best programs ever.  This was so uplifting.  I bought a drum and I play it when I'm feeling down.  This is so, so great.  [The leader] is the best ever.  He is an awesome teacher.  This was a great and supportive environment to learn how to honour ourselves and others.”
“The program leader is an inspiration, a great help for both the mind and body. Thank you!”

“This is a wonderful program and this leader is a fine person and generous in spirit.  I found it a wonderful compliment to some of the other Wellspring programs.”
“It was absolutely perfect.  I wish this would be available as an ongoing program all year around.”

The Drumming Program at Wellspring
By Francine Drubick, a Wellspring member of Downtown Toronto

I have played the guitar since my teens, but it is drumming that has truly changed my life. My first drumming experiences were at Wellspring, where I was astonished when I would come in to a class feeling depressed or in pain and then notice part way through that my blues had dissipated, my pain was lessened or completely gone.

It was also wonderful to see how people of different levels of ability could play together, the more advanced players encouraging the newer people, and everyone inspiring everyone else's creativity. I've even seen people who believe they have no musical ability succeed at drumming, contributing to the shared communication with ease and grace.

I feel really blessed to have had two gifted, yet refreshingly different teacher/mentors in Mark Chindemi and Dr. Shari Geller. Mark has been encouraging me to move into teaching and I, together with my drumming friend from Wellspring, Margaret, recently taught a really successful drumming workshop at a summer camp, for two groups of children aged 5 to 14.

Drumming has increased my performance confidence to the point where I am able to play at a church service in front of a congregation every week. Although I had no idea what chants were, I found myself writing them and they were a natural fit. I now find myself writing healing songs and poetry and I'm in the process of putting together a group for musicians who have lived through cancer in one way or another, called Recovery 101.

After hearing a specific drum beat, this was the first chant I composed. At first I couldn't play the drum and say the words at the same time, but after some classes with the great teachers at Wellspring and a lot of practicing (having bought my own djembe), I was finally able to put it together. The simple words of this chant seem to really resonate for the many people who have heard it, so here they are:

It Really Can Be Easy
Written by: Francine Drubick

It doesn’t have to be hard
It really can be easy
It doesn’t need to pain you
Those feelings deep inside
Listen to the rhythm
Let your mind go crazy
You really have the answers
Its coming from inside
Look around you sisters
Look at all the brightness
Look at all the people
Waiting to connect
Hope is there to find you
If you want to find it
Look around you brothers
Wanting to connect
It doesn’t have to be hard
It really can be easy
It doesn’t need to pain you
Those feelings deep inside
It doesn’t have to be hard
It doesn’t have to be hard
It doesn’t have to be hard
It really can be easy...

Leader Reflection: Mark J. Chindemi

I have had the honour to teach so many amazing people "The Way of the Drum". To share and give away my gifts is not only a dream come true, but also the essentials of life...we must find our gifts; and sometimes they come from hardships we go through. I try (meaning I'm not in control, but working with spirit) to facilitate a class that encompasses skill, healing, and self growth...all within a collective experience. I teach to key components of musical therapy, participating and receiving; most don't know how to receive or feel they don't deserve it. Hence, the underling truth of this program is teach one how to "LOVE", be Love, and live Love. The drums and instrumentation are only tools to connect and heal as spiritual warriors. In closing, I have no time for pity but lots of time to give and show love, peace to all of you...YOU are ME and I am YOU, LOVE you all.  


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Wellspring Downtown

Expressive Art

Programs for:
Cancer Patients, Family Members

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Once a week for 6 weeks; 1.5 hour sessions. Programs are scheduled when enrollment is sufficient

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