Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese system of health preservations which combines movement and mediation to promote emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Tai Chi is a therapeutic exercise that originated as a martial art. The movements in this practice are designed to develop and strengthen the internal aspects of the body, thereby promoting better health and wellness. The concept of promoting the free flow of the body’s natural energy, which is referred to as CHI, is the pathway for achieving this balance and harmony resulting in improved health and well-being. Tai Chi is preventative in nature, which is one of the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Balance is obtained through gentle flowing movements coupled with breathing and mental focus.

Program Details

Wellspring Downtown

Coping Skills/Stress Management, Physical/Exercise

Programs for:
Cancer Patients, Family Members

Registration Required

Once a week for 8 weeks; 1.5 hour sessions.

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